The Prisoner = The Village Map

 Number 6 : I’d like a map of this area.
Shop keeper : A map ? Color or black and white ?
Number 6 : …Just a map.

As a huge Prisoner fan, I already recreated for fun a few of the props used in the show and this map is a special project. I did a first version back then but with the show now on Blue Ray, I decided to have a second shot at it.

I’m now presenting the Version 2. Retraced from hi-res screenshots, much more details were now visible in terms of colour precision, watercolour brush stokes, pencil lines, Letraset lettering and little mistakes. Now, don’t forget that this map has 30 seconds max of screen time in close-up shots and honestly, it looks that it had been done quickly. With this in mind, I redid it in Illustrator and Photoshop, to have more control on the graphic elements and to give it something more to look at. I’m very satisfied with the final result and I got good feedbacks on forums.

I see this product as a small edition collector item :

  1. Presented in a hardcover booklet with gold mat lettering and logo on beautiful textured paper.
  2. The map inside is printed on high resolution megajet 132gr paper.
  3. Let us tell you that as huge Prisoner fans, we indulged ourselves by making the map dead accurate.
  4. Measurements: Cover: 5 X 10 X 3/4 inches. Map: 19 X 32 inches.
  5. Available on demand in custom print sizes whithout cover.



– Full colour version with cover (limited) : 80 $ CA. + shipping.
– Simplified black and white with cover version : 40 $ CA. + shipping.
– Custom Print : Contact us for details.